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Everything YOU need to know about Tenafly Soccer

Welcome to the 2017 Tenafly Jr Soccer League Season!

Answers to general questions YOU might have:

Q. When is Tenafly Soccer Opening Day 2017?

A. This year opening day will take place on a Saturday September 9, 2017. Once again this year Tenafly Jr Soccer and the New York Red Bulls will be partnering to bring you what should be a fun and exciting opening day! 

Q. Where is it and what time should I attend?

A. Opening Day Activities will start just outside the McCandless Room (next to the Tenafly Library) This is where you and your child will meet your coaches and also get their uniform, soccer ball, etc. Once your child has met their coaches they will be directed to the Municipal Field for a 50 minute ball skills clinic with Red Bulls Trainers. Please be sure your child is wearing shin guards and (soccer cleats or sneakers) for the Red Bulls Soccer Clinic. While your child is attending the ball skills clinic, parents will be attending a quick Mandatory Parents Meeting. As the name implies, it is mandatory that at least one parent or guardian attends this meeting. 
 The meeting times for each Division are as follows:  




8:30 AM

9:30 AM


10:00 AM

11:00 AM

Pee Wees + 2nd grade GIRLS

11:15  AM

12:15 PM

Minis 2nd grade BOYS only

12:15 PM

1:00  PM


1:00 PM

1:45 PM


2:00 PM

2:45 PM




Q.  What about Little Kickers, 7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls?

A.  The 7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls Division has traditionally had a low turn out on opening day. Therefore your 7th or 8th Grade child can pickup their team Jersey at their first game. It is recommended that they arrive early to their first game so that the uniforms can be distributed and we can start the game on time. Little Kickers will meet the first Sunday of their session at the cage. 

Q. What if it rains on Opening Day?

A. Tenafly Soccer Opening Day 2017 will take place rain or shine. Keep in mind that soccer is a sport played in the rain and municipal field can be used in a light or medium rain. You will be amazed to see how may kids have a great time playing soccer in the rain or even a light drizzle. Also, since the McCandless Room is dry year round, at the very least you will be able to meet your coaches, get your uniform and attend the Mandatory Parents Meeting. 

Q. Are there any scheduling issues I should know about for this Fall?

A. There will be no scheduled games on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. 

Q. How do I contact the Division Heads?

A. Each division has an email. For the list of contact names and emails go to the CONTACTS tab. Any and all questions for a specific division should be emailed directly to the heads of that Division. 

Q. Can anyone Volunteer to be a coach? I would like to coach but I do not know anything about soccer and I have no clue on how to run a practice?

A. We welcome all parents who would like to volunteer to Coach. Although it may seem counter intuitive, knowledge of soccer is not the most important requirement to be a good soccer coach. What is most important is just being there for the kids and having a positive and encouraging attitude. Besides each team practice will have a Professional Soccer Trainer there to help you run an effective training session. If you have signed up to be a coach or are interested to be a coach you must attend the coaches meeting.

Coaches meeting: September 7 @ TMS Cafeteria @ 7:30 pm 

Even if you have a only a slight interest in coaching we encourage you to stop by one of these meetings and find out what coaching in this league is all about! The old adage that children grow up fast is very true so we hope you do not miss this opportunity to coach and spend time with your child. Coaching your child and other children can be a truly fun and rewarding experience.  See Coaches Corner Tab for more information 

Q. I think I registered as a coach but I am not sure. How can I check?

A. To verify if you are registered as a coach login to  then click on the words "View Current Registrations and Form Submissions" Under your name should be listed the division that you are coaching. If not please register yourself ASAP! Remember, simply checking the box for ?head coach? or ?assistant coach? during your child's registration DOES NOT register you as a coach. You must login to community pass and register yourself as a coach for each division that you plan to coach in. This view also shows you a listing of everything your family is registered for and the teams they are on. you child's team information should be available before the first weekend of the season.

If you are having trouble registering yourself as a coach please email the appropriate division heads. 

Q. What if I have OLD equipment I want to donate?

A. We will be collecting used soccer gear that is still in good condition to donate to the Boys & Girls Club of America. If you have any cleats, soccer jerseys, soccer shorts, shin guards and/or deflated soccer balls that are still in good condition please  bring them to Opening Day and drop them off at the McCandless Room in the designated area. We will set up another weekend during the season for an additional collection.

Q.  What equipment does my child need.
A.  All Tenafly Soccer Children will receive a numbered team jersey.  All children from age 3 to 6th Grade will receive an age appropriate soccer ball. 

Children from Kindergarten to 6th Grade must be wearing cleats. Sunnyside does get muddy from time to time and sneakers just do not provide the support necessary. The only exception for cleats is Little Kickers  and 7th & 8th Grade games.  Since all these ages play on the Turf Fields they never gets muddy then it is acceptable to wear Turf Shoes or Soccer Cleats. 

All children are required to wear shin guards especially during all games. They will not be allow to participate in any games with out them and keep in mind the referees usually check for shin guards at the start of each game.

Finally please ensure your child has a pair of black soccer shorts. Toward the end of the season it can get cold so you may want to consider buying a pair of underamour-like pants and long sleeve shirt to be worn under your child's soccer shorts and team jersey.

 Q. How do I find out about last minute updates during the 2017 season? (i.e. Game Cancellations, field changes, etc.)

 A. Tenafly Soccer is on Twitter! Any last minute Tenafly Soccer updates can be found at  You do not need a Twitter account to view these updates. However, if you want updates sent to your phone you will need to sign up for a Twitter account. Also look for an email from your coach or division director. 



Kinderkickers (Kindergarteners) runs for 10 weeks on Saturdays from (9 am to 10:15 am) and will be at Sunnyside Park. Our first session is Sept 16.


Pee Wees (1st Graders) runs for 10 weeks on Saturdays from (10:30 am to 11:45 am) and will be at Sunnyside Park. Our first session is Sept 16.


2nd Graders (aka Minis) Girls Sessions will run from 10:30pm -11:45 am at Sunnyside Park on Saturdays. THe first session is Sept 16.  Boys Sessions will be on SUNDAYS at 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm at Sunnyside Park.  The first session for boys is Sept 17.


3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Girls  (Juniors + Middies) Sessions will consist of 90 minute session blocks (30 minutes of training and 1 hour game). The time of these 90 minutes blocks will vary depending on the schedule however your child will be playing soccer between 12:30pm and 5:00pm on Saturdays at Sunnyside Park. The first session is Sept 16.


3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Boys (Minors + inters)  Sessions will consist of 90 minute session blocks (30 minutes of training and 1 hour game). The time of these 90 minutes blocks will vary depending on the schedule however your child will be playing soccer between 1:30pm and 5:30pm on Sundays at Sunnyside Park. The first session is Sept 17.


Girls 7th & 8th Grade Division Games are played on Tuesday Nights at 8:00 pm @ The Cage. The first session is Tuesday September 12  and all games will be at the Cage (corner of Tenafly Rd + River edge Rd) 


Boys 7th & 8th Grade Division Games are played on Wednesday nights starting at 8:00 pm. The first session is Wednesday September 13 and will play at the Cage. 


Q. When can I see the schedule?

 A. The 2017 schedule should be 1st weekend in September. Go to the SCHEDULE tab for more details. 

Q. How can check if my child is registered for soccer and what if so what team they are on?

A. You can login to community pass at  then click on the words "View Current Registrations and Form Submissions" This will show you everything your child is registered for. Also once the teams are finalized you will be able to view what team they are on. Currently the teams are still being assembled however you will be able to find this information a day or two before opening day.   

Q. Are there any programs for children with special needs?

A. Over the past 7 years we have had great success with our Challenger Division for children will special needs. It open, free of charge, to anyone( including non-Tenafly residents) who has a child with special needs. If you would like to register your child or if you would like to volunteer your time helping with the Challenger Program,  you can register at  It takes place over It takes place over 6  nights from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. We now offer a Spring session.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Please direct any questions you may have to the various division heads.


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